Doing Business in Gabon: Construction Permits

by Khephren Fanga

According to a recent report published by Doing Business, Gabon improved its rankings by 6 places from 169th to 163rd in the previous year. The area it improved the best in was in dealing with construction permits.

In 12 procedures taking in total up to 178 days, one can have a construction permit in Gabon, compared to the average 15 procedures in 171 days in Sub-Saharan Africa.

So what is the reason behind the huge improvements made in Gabon? Well you have to live in Gabon to understand. Libreville and all the major towns of the country are huge construction sites. There is not a part of the capital where you can't see a construction company building something. This is all part of the infrastructure development program set up by the President and the government. From the SEZ in Nkok to the Marina development on the beachfront, road infrastructures, hospitals, schools etc.

There have never been so many construction projects at one time in all of Gabon's young history. To materialise the many promises made to the Gabonese, government and administrations had to make things easier for companies. Here are some of the procedures with their time to complete and costs.

tl_files/English/images/Invest in Gabin/doing-business-construction.png

(Source: Doing Business Gabon: 2014)

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